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Hello. Thank you for visiting my website. I am a doodler, artist and adult coloring book author based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I love nature and animals,hence their big influence in most of my work. I use them to represent/express stories or meanings in my drawings. I use plenty of intricate lines and patterns, and tangled and intertwined them in my work. Besides drawing, I also enjoy speed skating and reading.

I am also a coloring book author. My first and second books, Exotic Kingdom - An Inspiring Coloring Book and Color The Rainforest - An Exotic Coloring Book are now available for purchase worldwide. Both my books are published by Harlequin New York.

I have just released my 4th book, Intricate Alphabets - An Intricate Coloring Book in Nov 2018 while my 5th and 6th books, Intricacies - A Collection of Line Drawings by Marty Woods and Floria - A Coloring Notebook were released in Jan and Feb 2019 respectively. My 3rd book, Bunian and Hidden Intricacies is only available in digital format(PDF). My 7th and 8th books, Floral Mandalas and Easy Mandalas were released in 2020.


Publishers/Book agents are welcome to inquire for publishing rights, licensing or new book possibilities.


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